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Over-the-Counter Supplies

Over-The-Counter Supplies

Brand New Day partners with NationsOTC, to administer this benefit. Examples of products that are available to purchase include pain relievers, cold & flu medicine, dental & denture care, multivitamins and more.

Be sure to use your benefit amount before the end of every benefit period. (Benefit is subject to plan eligibility. Unused benefits will not roll over into the next benefit period. For more information visi.)

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Placing an Order

Phone Order:
Online Order:

Nations OTC Customer Service Department
TTY: 711

OTC advocates are available 24/7 for questions or ordering

You may place an order online using the Brand New Day OTC website. Remember to save your Member ID, username and password to order again during your next benefit period.

Mail Order

You may place your order by mailing the order form that comes with your catalog. If the end of the benefit period is approaching and you do not think your order form will be received in time, you may order online or call in your order. You can also view a copy of the OTC Catalog

View the OTC Catalog:
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Send your completed order form to:
1801 NW 66th Avenue, Suite 100
Plantation, FL 33313

Store Service

Use your Brand New Day OTC Card to purchase non-prescription health and wellness products at thousands of participating retail stores, discount stores, and pharmacies.

You will receive a prepaid card loaded with your OTC benefit allowance.

If you need assistance in using your OTC benefit or have questions, please call your Brand New Day Health Coach or Member Services Department.

Brand New Day Member Services Department
Call: 1-866-255-4795
TTY: 711
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
October 1 – March 31: Monday – Sunday 8 AM – 8 PM

For Plan Year 2023

2023 Plan Name

2023 Plan Benefit

Dual Access Plan (HMO D-SNP) 024

$180.00 every three months

Bridges Care Plan (HMO C-SNP) 028

$135.00 every three months

Bridges Choice Plan (HMO C-SNP) 029

$130.00 every three months

Embrace Care Plan (HMO C-SNP) 039-001

$115.00 every three months

Embrace Care Plan (HMO C-SNP) 039-002

$40.00 every three months

Embrace Choice Plan (HMO C-SNP) 040-001

$255.00 every three months

Embrace Choice Plan (HMO C-SNP) 040-002

$185.00 every three months

Select Care I Plan (HMO I-SNP) 042

$65.00 every six months

Select Care II Plan (HMO I-SNP) 043

$65.00 every six months

Select Choice I Plan (HMO I-SNP) 044

$465.00 every three months

Select Choice II Plan (HMO I-SNP) 045

$465.00 every three months

Classic Care III Plan (HMO) 046

$60.00 every three months

Embrace Care Plan (HMO C-SNP) 047

$75.00 every three months

Brand New Day Valor Care Plan (HMO) 048

$250.00 every six months

Part B Savings Plan (HMO) 049

$75.00 every three months

Classic Care I Plan (HMO) 050-001

$115.00 every three months

Classic Care I Plan (HMO) 050-002

$210.00 every three months

Classic Care II Plan (HMO) 051-001

$40.00 every three months

Classic Care II Plan (HMO) 051-002

$205.00 every three months

Order Guidelines

  • For delivery, please allow 2 business days from the time your order is placed.
  • Unused benefits will not roll over into the next year.
  • Your order total may not exceed your benefit amount. Unless otherwise required by the plan, members can pay out of pocket if the order total exceeds their benefit amount.
  • Your order total will be applied to the benefit period in which the order is placed.
  • OTC products are intended for member use only to help with a health or medical need.
  • Brand New Day prohibits the use of this benefit to order OTC items for family members or friends.
  • Due to the personal nature of these products, returns are not accepted.
  • Items in the OTC catalog may change throughout the year. For the most up-todate listing of OTC products available, go to
  • Products may not be purchased through any source other than the Brand New Day OTC benefit channels listed above.
  • If you disenroll from Brand New Day, your OTC benefit will automatically terminate.
  • This information is available for free in other languages. Please call our customer service number at 1-877-280-6207, TTY 711, 24/7/365.
  • This information is available in other formats, such as large print and audio.
  • The health information provided in the catalog is general in nature and is not medical advice or a substitute for professional health care.
  • All product and company names are trademarksTM or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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