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Part D Prescribed Drugs Prior-Authorization, Coverage Determination, and Exceptions

Part D Prescribed Drugs Prior-Authorization, Coverage Determination, and Exceptions

Information Last Updated:1/3/2023



Coverage Determinations and Re-Determinations

A coverage determination is any determination (i.e. an approval or denial) made by Brand New Day regarding your Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Your requests for Part D coverage determination may include:

Asking whether a drug is covered for you and whether you satisfy any applicable coverage rules. (For example, when your drug is on the Plan’s List of Covered Drugs (Formulary) but requires our approval before it is covered.)

Asking us to pay for a prescription drug you already bought.

Asking us for an exception. (If a drug is not covered in the way you would like it to be covered, you can ask the Plan to make an “exception.”)

Examples include:

  • Asking for coverage of a drug that is not on the drug list
  • Asking to pay a lower cost-sharing amount for a covered non-preferred drug
  • Asking us to remove the extra rules and restrictions on the Plan’s coverage for a drug such as:
  • Being required to use the generic version of a drug instead of the brand name drug
  • Getting plan approval in advance before we will agree to cover a drug for you
  • Quantity Limits


Exceptions and Grievance & Appeals

Important Inform​ation to Know About Asking for Exceptions

When you ask for an exception, your doctor or other prescriber will need to explain the medical reasons why you need the exception approved. Your doctor or other prescriber must give us a written statement that explains the medical reasons for requesting an exception. For a faster decision, include this medical information from your doctor or other prescriber when you ask for the exception.

What to Do for Plan Year 2023

You (or your representative or your doctor or other prescriber) may use the form below to submit your request for a Part D Coverage Determination:

Medicare Prescription Drug Determination Request Form (English)(Spanish

Please note: If you do not use this form, you will need to provide us the same information indicated in the form so we can process your request in a timely manner.

To start your Part D Coverage Determination request you (or your representative or your doctor or other prescriber) should contact Express Scripts:

Express Scripts
Call: 800-935-6103, TTY 800-899-2114
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Mail: Express Scripts
Attn: Medicare Reviews
P.O. Box 66571
St. Louis, MO 63166-6571
Fax: 877-251-5896

To find out more about the Part D Coverage Redetermination Process, please refer to your Evidence of Coverage (EOC).

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