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Broker Certification Training

Broker Certification Training

Information Last Updated:10/29/2021

Thank you for your interest in becoming certified to sell Brand New Day Plans in 2022

Please read the entire instructions below before attempting to login to your agent portal if this is your first time.

Step 1: Have the following documents available to you because you will be required to upload them to the new portal: License, E&O and 2022 AHIP. Uploading Direct Deposit forms are not required, but highly encouraged.

Step 2: We have a new Agent Portal which will host 2022 Certification. Your old login will not work, it’s an entirely new site. Please click on “Register” to get started. Your username will be your NPN. In the new portal you’ll be able to see your book of business, view pending applications, order 2022 enrollment kits once you are ready to sell, and more!

Step 3: Watch this Agent Portal Tutorial before you register and login, this will walk you through the whole process and it only takes 5 minutes to watch! Watch the video here.

Step 4: If you get confused or stuck, go back to the home page under the “To Do” section and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: After you finish watching the 2022 Certification Video and pass the test you will get a certificate of completion. You will also receive a Ready to Sell email 3-5 business days after passing the test if all your credentialing documents are valid. Please check your junk inbox for the for email before contacting Broker Support. Your portal will also say “Ready to Sell for 2022” at the top. Once you are marked as Ready to Sell for 2022 then you will be able to order enrollment kits (the link will not work if you’re not Ready to Sell).

Lastly, we recommend using Chrome browser for the Agent Portal. It will work with other browsers, but it works best in Chrome. Here is a link to download Chrome if needed.




*invitation code must be all lowercase.


If you are a new agent, certifying for the first time- welcome! This will also certify you for 2021. Please contact Broker Support if you need assistance with Certification or the Agent Portal at 1-866-255-4795 ext. 2018.

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